Decoding Emotional Eating 
~Intro to recovering from emotional eating~

Are you tired for turning to food every time some stressful event happens?
Do you want to learn what's really causing your stress /over eating?

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Do you wish you didn’t “have to” buy those 2 for $5 chips deal?
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Would you love to finally walk away from junk food without feeling deprived, and still enjoy food that nourishes your body and soul?

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You have something deeper inside you that is craving for your attention. Your soul is hungry.

Find out a true reason why you turn to food, recognize unsupportive belief systems that are keeping you stuck so that you can create the positive ones that will help you unstuck and have healthy relationship with food, body and mind.  Learn about 1:1 Intensive Coaching with Kanna for the best results!

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1:1 Coaching Skill Building Program for Coaches!

If you're an emotional eating health coach who is not showing up because you’re not confident in your coaching skills, I want to help you show up confidently and conduct business as an emotional eating expert!

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Do you want to learn about emotional eating while being certified as a holistic health coach?

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