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If you have challenges with emotional eating (including binge eating, compulsive eating, overeating and stress eating), I know your pains, and I'm here to support you!


Are you ready to break free from food prison?

You have something deeper inside you that is craving for your attention. Your soul is hungry.

Find out a true reason why you turn to food, recognize unsupportive belief systems that are keeping you stuck so that you can create the positive ones that will help you unstuck and have healthy relationship with food, body and mind.  Learn about 1:1 Intensive Coaching with Kanna for the best results!

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Online Program for stop buying junk food!

Do you wish you didn’t “have to” buy those 2 for $5 chips deal?
Do you feel like a failure because you can't get your grocery shopping under control?
Would you love to finally walk away from junk food without feeling deprived, and still enjoy food that nourishes your body and soul?

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Join Plant-Based Health Coaches Go Full Time & Beyond 🚀✌️❤️

Sarah Hagstrom created this group to help health & wellness coaches to make an impact and income online while doing what they love. Here and I was both successful health coaches turned to business coaches, I am where I am hugely thanks to Sarah's guidance.

Find my tribe!

Curious how my clients and I have been free from Food Prison and ENJOYing food with gratitude?

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