A holistic approach to health and wellness


I've introduced the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)!  in the last 2 blogs and I wanted to share what makes IIN so unique in this blog.

IIN takes an approach to health beyond what’s on your plate and sheds light on making improvements on all aspects of your life, including sleep, fitness, relationships, etc.

Change is scary – I get that, and I’ve been there! But to be successful and become the best version of yourself, you have to take a leap of faith.

Whatever it is you’re afraid of – changing old habits, investing time or money in yourself, etc. – I know you have the power to overcome it.

IIN’s next class begins on March 7, 2022. Just think, you could be on your way toward a healthier, happier you.


If IIN seems like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, apply now!


If you enroll through me, you can receive my Elite Ambassador discount (the biggest you can find!) for your tuition and be invited to...

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A life-changing opportunity for you!


In the previous blog (link the blog), I introduced you to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) – the world’s largest online health coaching and nutrition school.

I believe in IIN’s mission because it focuses on bringing health into all areas of your life. I want you to be the best version of yourself, and I know IIN can help you get there.


If you’re interested in learning more about IIN and what a career in health coaching has to offer, check out their Free Curriculum Guide! 

What else makes IIN so incredible?

  1. They’re licensed by the New York State Department of Education, which means the curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality education.

  2. They approach holistic nutrition through over 100 dietary theories taught by leading experts in the health and wellness field.

  3. They partner with other learning institutions to offer college transfer credits and continuing education units...

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Take your passion for health and wellness a step further!


 "Kanna, where did you get certified as a health coach?"


As a former successful health coach, I get asked this question a lot, and I want to introduce you to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) – the largest online health coaching and nutrition school in the world.

IIN has been a game-changer for so many people [like me] who crave healthier, balanced lives. At the core of IIN’s programs are two principles I connect deeply with: primary food and bio- individuality.


  • Primary food is the idea that there are facets of your life, beyond what you eat, that impacts your health, like relationships, physical activity, career fulfillment, and spirituality.


  • Bio-individuality focuses on the fact that we’re all different, and what works for one person may not work for another. And what’s incredible about IIN is that it teaches over 100 dietary theories so you can figure out what works best for you and, eventually,...
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The danger of our language around food

One of the popular messages I hear from moms is this - “Kanna, I really don’t want my kids to go through the food/body issues I have. I want them to have a happy relationship with food and body, but I don’t know how while I’m still in food prison and don’t love my body! What do I do??”

And I say…”Congratulations! You already took the very important first step!”

I want to celebrate them for wanting a healthy relationship with food & body for their kids.  Without this recognition, the language from unconscious levels can be damaging toward kids (as even if you're conscious, it’s not easy to use the mindful language toward what/how you eat and how your/others body looks).

I’ll never forget the moment a casual conversation did to me.

Trying so hard to get into a new leather riding boot at 14, my instructor said “your calf is too big, it’s never going to fit you, you’ve got to do something about...

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How to Cope with Self-Doubt Without Turning to Food

One of the reasons people eat emotionally is having a self-doubt, which can lead to something like..."I would never...(have a partner, have a career I love, wear a bikini, be toned, be free from emotional eating, be successful, be happy, you name it).

My self-doubt crept in so many times while recovering from emotional eating, and it's got so much better, but it shows up from time to time.

The good news is that I know what to do with it without turning to food. One of the easiest and effective ways is to have gratitude. It is a reliable source of comfort and you can do it anywhere and anytime.

When the gratitudes thing was new to me, I would start with the outside of me, like...
"I'm not in a war zone and I'm thankful for that."

"I have a place to call "my house" with a roof and windows and I'm thankful for that."

Then, ease into...
"I have a healthy body with 10 fingers and toes and I'm thankful for that."

"I can type with those fingers and I'm grateful for that."

"I have sent a...

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Which type are you and does it serve you?

Which type are you?

Type A.

You wake up to your phone and browse social media and check emails before anything else, followed by a coffee and muffins.


Type B:

You wake up to an alarm clock, take time for yourself by doing something like journaling and juicing.


I used to be Type A., and it was when I suffered from emotional eating a lot.  What was really wrong for me to start that way was...my day was starting with someone's needs and comparisons.


People email you to ask something most of the time.

Social media gives you a platform to check in others' "perfect" life (we know it's not their whole life, but still the pics look great!).


So, by doing that, I gave myself an opportunity to feel less of.  When you have a scarcity mindset and feeling, they need to be filled by something (and later showed up by binging to fulfill the empty soul).


Also, feeling needed and rushed by the emails & others, you won't have time to check in with your...

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Super simple prep for de-stressing (so that you turn to food less)

Do you find that stress is one of the MAJOR reasons you turn to food?
Do you know where does your stress
comes from?  If you can reduce stress, you are likely to eat fewer comfort foods.

If it's from "too many things to do for too little time" keep reading!

By practicing differentiating things you NEED to do, things you WANT to do, and things you can take off your plate can help you prioritize your time and energy and de-stress.

Let's WRITE DOWN a "To-Don't List" right now! It'll only take a few minutes but serve you so much from now on!

-1 thing I need to do:
1 thing I want to do:
1 thing I can take off my plate:

Now, let's focus on 1 thing you need to do and once it's done, see how you feel about the accomplishment!

Repeat this process daily!
xo Kanna

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Do you punish yourself?

Me, 20 years ago, I was still having these internal conversations that were damaging me. I used to say meanest things to myself that I would never ever say to anyone else after binging on a box of donuts (and so many other junks).

  • “Why can’t I just have one, instead of 10? I’m so stupid and worthless.”
  • “I'm the ONLY one who can’t get food situations under control.”
  • “I’m an adult and what the heck is wrong with me?”
  • “I just don’t deserve happiness, and I can’t ever be until I stop eating junk and lose weight.”  

(I covered this .)

Then, I’d punish myself by…

  • not eating the next day (and binging on so much junk food at night)
  • not doing something I love to do (meeting up with friends)
  • letting others treat me very badly (and believing I deserved all)
  • not taking care of myself (eating junk, drinking too much, skipping bath, never mind journaling or meditating)
  • doing...
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Unique way to start self-care

What do you do to be kind for our earth, and have you noticed a ripple effect toward you?

Growing up in Japan, wrapping so many things at a grocery store, and wasting so much plastic was a norm for me. I remember seeing a pile of plastic bags in our kitchen after shopping and I didn’t feel great about it. I didn't enjoy grocery shopping for that reason.

When I moved to Canada and started bringing my own bags, my grocery shopping experiences changed. I loved that many fresh veggies and fruits were “naked” and I enjoyed not wasting unnecessary resources.
I knew I was doing something good to the earth and it REALLY felt good. It continued to grow as I did more kind things toward earth, and funny enough, I started feeling ok to care about myself.

Self-care is just BS and an act of selfishness” belief started fading when I started caring for something (seemingly) unrelated to me.

So, if you have a hard time taking care of yourself, try...

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Become a person who you can be!

Who here is a baseball lover?

This area in Seattle would have been PACKED if it wasn’t for COVID-19.
My parents, especially my dad, wanted to visit a ball game in the U.S. while visiting us (a huge baseball fan!).
So, when he found out that we couldn’t go to one this year, the disappointment was huge for him and my family.
But, we all focused on a positive side, “what’s going well” parts, and felt grateful for being together and healthy while others are fighting for their lives.
My dad didn’t see a game, but he visited the ballpark and it was one of the biggest memories he created during this stay.
Just like that, there are always two sides for a life event.  It’s up to you to decide which side you choose.
You can choose to be a victim and create negative situations.
Or you can choose to look on the bright side and see what you can do about the event to find positives/happiness within your power.
When you start doing...
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